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The Iconic Lesbian Kiss

In today’s blog I would like to celebrate the iconic lesbian kiss.

The Iconic Lesbian Kiss – Gay Girls having passionate fun

In my view one of the sweetest things to see is when two gals give each other a passionate, heart felt kiss (OK I am a little biased!).

So I will just shower you with pictures of girls doing just that – kissing  and expressing their lesbian feelings in the most romantic way I can imagine.

Enjoy these wonderfully romantic kissing snaps.




The Lesbian and the Dog – Puppy and Doggy Style Tips and Fun with Gay Girls

Having just completed downloading to YouTube a very artistic lesbian animal love video (link is here) I want to share with you some of the stills.

The lesbian and her dog (or puppy) Photo tips and fun

An awful lot of lesbians have a special relationship with the ‘doggy’ in their life – OK so do most people – But I think it is special that an animal so long considered ‘man’s best friend’ actually prefers women (OK so I am a bit biased!).

Woman’s best friend!

Because these pictures are so great there is no need for me to do much typing today. I hope you enjoy them (thanks to the doggies and their ‘mummies’ for posing).

You are never lonely with a canine pal on your sofa

Remember if you cant be with the girl you love – buy her a puppy!


RISKKO (apprentice lesbian and doggy fan)

Lesbian Doggy Love – Tomboy Style Tip – How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Let me come clean – I sometimes sleep with males – and have been known to enjoy it! But for me the only males I really want in my bedroom are of the canine variety (OK – honesty time – I’m also a bit soft on cute kittens – more on that in a later blog).

For me only one type of male is allowed near my bed

As I promote diversity in my home – it is not only dogs that I love – I also get on well with the bitches. In fact show me any cute canine face and I go all gooey eyed.

Just look at that cute face…

I am not unique in my ‘Doggy Love’ in fact I do not know of a girlfriend that doesn’t have a passion for cuddly dogs. People may say that dogs are a man’s best friend but I am sure we women now have the upper hand.

Woman’s best friend!

So to celebrate all things canine I am dedicating today’s blog to ‘Lesbian and Tomboy’s Dogs‘. All the pictures you see here are of tomboy pets (or their close acquaintances) and demonstrate just how happy doggies make our lives.

Do your jeans seem to constantly be getting more frazzled?

Sometimes the weather may get us a little down, or perhaps we have had a bad day at work – then we just look into those gorgeous eyes and know all is well with the world.

Whatever the weather a doggy is bound to cheer you up

Maybe we should add an extra letter onto the LGBTQIA acronym to cover Doggy Love – after all we should be promoting all types of diversity!

Dogs definitely add to life’s colour – true diversity champions

If you don’t have your own canine friend then I hope you enjoy these pics. If you are already a cynophile I know you will love them.

I think I need to get the hoover out! Enjoy the rest of today’s pics.


Health News – Sensual Pleasure Toys Tested For Harmful Chemicals – Alarming Results

A German consumer organisation tested 18 Sensual Pleasure Toys for harmful chemicals. Such devices come into intimate contact with our bodies, especially the mucous membranes. Only 3 got the all clear !

Potentially Harmful Chemicals Found in Intimate Sensual Pleasure Toys

At the end of January 2019 ‘Stiftung Warentest‘ a respected German consumer organisation (Homepage) published its chemical analysis of 18 intimate sensual pleasure toys. They had been bought at adult leisure shops or via online retailers.

18 Intimate Sensual Pleasure Toys tested for harmful chemicals

The prices of the items (including vibrators and love balls) varied from 6.8 to 165 Euro. Only 3 were declared free of toxic chemicals. Five were considered seriously inadequate (‘mangelhaft’) because of the substances found. Typical chemicals found were

  • Plasticiser diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) – which can affect fertility
  • Poly cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – which are possible/probable human carcinogens (linked to skin, lung, bladder, liver and stomach cancers in well established animal model studies)
  • Phenol – suspected of causing genetic defects
  • Nickel – potential allergen
Only 3 sensual pleasure devices got the all clear

The results did not depend on the price or the smell of the product. Some of the most expensive devices had higher levels of chemicals. Most items smelled ‘plasticky’ when unpacked – including those declared all clear. I have included the names of all the items tested in a PDF file which you can download by clicking here (it opens a new window then click on the link):

List of Intimate Sensual Pleasure Toys tested for chemicals by German Consumer Protection Organisation Warentest see blog at RISKKO dot com

See the embedded PDF file for a full list of sensual pleasure toys tested

You can see photos of the items tested at the picture gallery which is on the Warentest website – the link to their article is here: ‘Sextoys im Test: Nur 3 von 18 Sexspielzeugen ganz ohne Schad­stoffe’. Then click on ‘Getestete Produkte‘ to open the ‘Products Tested’ window or click on the ‘Bildergalerie‘ further down the page (picture gallery) for their description of the kind of toys tested.

The Warentest Foundation believe this is the first detailed evaluation of chemicals in sex toys. They estimate several million are sold in Germany each year.

The is probably the most thorough evaluation of chemicals in sex toys

They were keen to do this testing because unlike many other consumer products these ‘toys’ come into intimate contact with your mucous membranes and areas experiencing enhanced blood flow. Therefore the potential for toxic substances to enter into the body may be increased.

To see specific test results for individual items (they are quite detailed) check out the original report on the Warentest website using the link below (for 1.5 Euro you can download the full 6 page ‘Sextoys im Test‘ report as a PDF file).

Link:   Sextoys im Test: Nur 3 von 18 Sexspielzeugen ganz ohne Schad­stoffe

Check out the link above for detailed testing results

This report is based on a personal translation of the original German report so I can not accept any liability for its correctness or completeness. If you have any specific questions please refer directly to the Warentest Foundation. If in doubt with regard to health or toxicity matters always seek professional guidance.

Here is the Warentest video about the testing. Although it is in German you will be able to see the products being analysed and some of the methods used by the lab :

I hope you found this interesting. Please visit RISKKO.com again


If you would like to see a detailed list of the chemicals tested by the German consumer organisation I have put them into the following PDF file (it opens a new window then click on the link):

Detailed list of Chemicals tested in Intimate Sensual Pleasure Toys by the Warentest Consumer Organisation