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My Lesbian Love for Luxurious Lingerie and Intimate Underwear

OK I admit I do spend most of the time looking like your average tomboy, with ripped jeans, t-shirt, hoodie (in winter) and baseball cap.

Typical of my normal tomboy wardrobe

And much of the time I will be found wearing distinctly ‘boyish’ boxers under my tomboy clobber (as discussed in my earlier blog – link to that is here).

How I typically look on a ‘non-lingerie’ day!

However – on some days I feel a little – well you know – sensuous! And on those days I can be found slipping some luxurious lingerie under my jeans and top.

Sometimes my girlfriend’s jeans cover something special

Actually if its warm and I am at home (like today) I probably wont wear anything over my intimate underwear. This can lead to interesting situations if the Amazon man decides to deliver a parcel on those days!

Sorry Mr Postman I thought you were my girlfriend!

I get many ideas for my lingerie wardrobe by admiring other girls who display such garments on their, not unattractive, bodies.

I get some of the best lingerie ideas from my girlfriends

If like me you also have those ‘special lingerie’ days (or just dream about girls who do) here is a selection of my favourite sensuous undies pics.

I hope you enjoy them (and perhaps get a little inspiration too).




The Lesbian and the Dog – Puppy and Doggy Style Tips and Fun with Gay Girls

Having just completed downloading to YouTube a very artistic lesbian animal love video (link is here) I want to share with you some of the stills.

The lesbian and her dog (or puppy) Photo tips and fun

An awful lot of lesbians have a special relationship with the ‘doggy’ in their life – OK so do most people – But I think it is special that an animal so long considered ‘man’s best friend’ actually prefers women (OK so I am a bit biased!).

Woman’s best friend!

Because these pictures are so great there is no need for me to do much typing today. I hope you enjoy them (thanks to the doggies and their ‘mummies’ for posing).

You are never lonely with a canine pal on your sofa

Remember if you cant be with the girl you love – buy her a puppy!


RISKKO (apprentice lesbian and doggy fan)

Tomboy RISKKO’s Cute Ankle Tattoos Video – the ‘Lesbian Leg Licking Fetish’

A short time ago I uploaded a video of some of my favourite ankle tatts onto the RISKKO YouTube channel. To save you the trouble of having to open your YouTube app I have downloaded the video directly onto today’s blog. I Hope you like it.



Tomboy Erotic Fantasies – Cross-dressing Lesbians in Men’s Sexy Dapper Suits

There is nothing that gets me more aroused than one of my lesbian girlfriends coming round after work wearing a dapper business trouser suit and shirt over her sexy silk underwear.

Tomboy Erotic Dream – The Cross-Dressing Lesbian in a Sexy Dapper Suit

So I have decided to make this the theme of today’s blog. I would like to share with you some photos of iconic women showing the blokes how we can turn a boring suit into a piece of erotic art.

Turning a boring bloke’s suit into an erotic piece of art

This is true female empowerment stuff – admit it if you turned up for an interview and were faced with one of these ‘suits’ wouldn’t you feel intimidated (as well as turned on)?

Girls – do you feel intimidated? (or just turned on!)

Whenever I see someone in one of these suits I always wonder what they are wearing underneath – surely it has to be silk? I think I will make the undergarment selection a theme for another blog.

Do you think she has matching silk undies?

Meanwhile enjoy today’s female power dressers.


A Lesbian Fetish – Licking Ice Cream off my Tomboy Friend’s Ankle Tattoo

My girlfriend said she wanted a new ankle tattoo and asked me if I had any ideas. I said why not design a pretty dessert bowl. She looked confused – I explained that I could then put ice-cream on it and sensuously lick it off!

What shall we put on the empty ankle?

Do you have any tattoo related fetishes? To inspire you here are some of my favourite Tomboy ankle tattoo pics. What delightful dessert would you like to lick off these sensitive body areas? We do have a comments box (but remember this is a family and pet friendly site XX).