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My Lesbian Paradise Part 1 – The World’s Most Beautiful Women

If you are a gay girl and you go to heaven these are the kind of things you hope to find.

Sweet dreams!


(Kind acknowledgements to these stunning artists/icons for sharing their work)


My Lesbian Love for Luxurious Lingerie and Intimate Underwear

OK I admit I do spend most of the time looking like your average tomboy, with ripped jeans, t-shirt, hoodie (in winter) and baseball cap.

Typical of my normal tomboy wardrobe

And much of the time I will be found wearing distinctly ‘boyish’ boxers under my tomboy clobber (as discussed in my earlier blog – link to that is here).

How I typically look on a ‘non-lingerie’ day!

However – on some days I feel a little – well you know – sensuous! And on those days I can be found slipping some luxurious lingerie under my jeans and top.

Sometimes my girlfriend’s jeans cover something special

Actually if its warm and I am at home (like today) I probably wont wear anything over my intimate underwear. This can lead to interesting situations if the Amazon man decides to deliver a parcel on those days!

Sorry Mr Postman I thought you were my girlfriend!

I get many ideas for my lingerie wardrobe by admiring other girls who display such garments on their, not unattractive, bodies.

I get some of the best lingerie ideas from my girlfriends

If like me you also have those ‘special lingerie’ days (or just dream about girls who do) here is a selection of my favourite sensuous undies pics.

I hope you enjoy them (and perhaps get a little inspiration too).



The Iconic Lesbian Kiss

In today’s blog I would like to celebrate the iconic lesbian kiss.

The Iconic Lesbian Kiss – Gay Girls having passionate fun

In my view one of the sweetest things to see is when two gals give each other a passionate, heart felt kiss (OK I am a little biased!).

So I will just shower you with pictures of girls doing just that – kissingĀ  and expressing their lesbian feelings in the most romantic way I can imagine.

Enjoy these wonderfully romantic kissing snaps.



Lesbian Fitness and Vacation Prep – Tight Abs & Chest Tattoos – Photo Review

To mark the occasion of my latest video I would like to share with you some of the erotic and artistic photos that featured in it.

Tight Abs and a Good Chest Tatt – perfect vacation prep

If you fancy chics with tight bellies and puttin it about in their Calvin Kleins (other suppliers of knockin-off gear are available) you will luv these pickies.

It isn’t a holiday without pretty chics puttin’ it about in their Calvin Kleins

If you havunt seen my video on YouTube yet the link to my ‘studio’ (sounds a bit posh!) is here. Alternatively just type the word RISKKO into the search box and look for my lesbian puppy.

Roses a speciality

So that’s enough typin – here are ‘les meats’!


Tomboy Erotic Fantasies – Cross-dressing Lesbians in Men’s Sexy Dapper Suits

There is nothing that gets me more aroused than one of my lesbian girlfriends coming round after work wearing a dapper business trouser suit and shirt over her sexy silk underwear.

Tomboy Erotic Dream – The Cross-Dressing Lesbian in a Sexy Dapper Suit

So I have decided to make this the theme of today’s blog. I would like to share with you some photos of iconic women showing the blokes how we can turn a boring suit into a piece of erotic art.

Turning a boring bloke’s suit into an erotic piece of art

This is true female empowerment stuff – admit it if you turned up for an interview and were faced with one of these ‘suits’ wouldn’t you feel intimidated (as well as turned on)?

Girls – do you feel intimidated? (or just turned on!)

Whenever I see someone in one of these suits I always wonder what they are wearing underneath – surely it has to be silk? I think I will make the undergarment selection a theme for another blog.

Do you think she has matching silk undies?

Meanwhile enjoy today’s female power dressers.