Vegan Food For Dogs

Vegan Food For Dogs: The star of today’s report is Amigo an Italian Water Dog (Lagotto Romagnolo) with a rather well developed sense of taste (and smell). This sensitivity is not particularly surprising in a breed of gun dog that in addition to being an excellent water retriever is also famous as a hunter of truffles. Amigo has a particularly sensitive nose.

An Italian Water Dog or Truffle Hunter Lagotto Romagnolo
An Italian Water Dog or Truffle Hunter – Lagotto Romagnolo

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Amigo’s human companions Annja and Artur Huber had a problem with their sensitive truffle hunter – he refused to eat any commercially manufactured dried dog foods. Clearly when it came to treats for good behaviour this breed of dog had, throughout its hunting evolution with humans, been encouraged to expect something a little better.

Italian Black Summer Truffles - traditional dietary preference of the Lagotto Romagnolo (Truffle Hunter)
Italian Black Summer Truffles – traditional dietary preference of the Lagotto Romagnolo (Truffle Hunter)

Fortunately Mr and Mrs Huber are very inventive and set themselves the task of satisfying Amigo’s sensitive tummy in their own kitchen.  Following much trial and error they developed some home made Doggy biscuits that can be classified as a Vegan Organic Wholefood. One of the first items they eliminated from their original ingredient list was the egg – this was a pragmatic development dictated by the local hygiene regulations for making animal feeds.

They wanted to continue their cottage industry approach to making the dog biscuits without the need to change to expensive industrial facilities. In order to comply with the hygiene regulations and still work from their own kitchen they needed to take the eggs out of their original dough recipe. This had the beneficial side effect of making the biscuits last much longer.  Another change they made to their original recipe was to remove the spelt (dinkel or hulled wheat). This was necessary because their supplier simply stopped stocking the product. They replaced it with miller’s bran.

Wheat Bran

The advantage of using bran was that it made the dough much firmer and virtually waterproof. This is quite an important feature for a canine retriever that has been brought up to love water.  The other main ingredients in the Vegan Dog Biscuit were rapeseed oil and bio-bananas.

In addition to these organic whole food ingredients the Huber’s have developed their own processing equipment. This home made contraption comprises of a pasta machine, driven by a motor taken from a windscreen wiper using a foot pedal similar to that of a household sewing machine (yes this is a ‘cottage’ industry!).  They have applied for a patent for the whole process which is pending (and expected in the next few weeks).

Bananas Key Ingredient In The Huber's Vegan Organic Dog Biscuits
Bananas Key Ingredient In The Huber’s Vegan Organic Dog Biscuits

The product is called the Schepperli Gaudi Biscuit (“Schepperli Gaudi-Keks” in German) and also has some interesting physical characteristics in addition to its ability to float.  These biscuits can rattle and roll which also adds to their doggy attraction.

This home-made vegan organic wholefood dog biscuit innovation is already proving a sales hit in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin. If you would like to see what the biscuits look like here is a pic I have borrowed from the Huber’s website:

Schepperli Vegan Dog Biscuits
Schepperli Vegan Dog Biscuits

I don’t endorse dog food on my RISKKO site but in the interest of sharing information a link to the (German Language) site for this product can be found here.

So if your doggy is struggling to find any truffles when you are out on ‘walkies’ perhaps you need to consider a little vegan incentive? By the way I have added below a video (and song) of the countryside where I go truffle hunting with my own cuddly canine friend.

Chris Duggleby.

Lagotto Romagnolo RISKKO's Truffel Hunting Pal
Lagotto Romagnolo RISKKO’s Truffel Hunting Pal

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