Firefighters rescue Terrier – Owner Gets Massive Bill

Skipper the cute little terrier dog has a rather nosy personality. In particular he likes looking into holes and having a good sniff around. Among his favourite places are (or better said were) badger’s burrows, also known as badger sets. However one evening’s adventure underground resulted in Skipper’s owner getting a bill from the local fire fighting service for 13,000 euros (US$ 16,250) – roughly the cost of a small car in Germany.

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Skipper lives in Berlin and on the evening in question popped out for a walk with a friend in the Tegeler forest. Before long the inquisitive hound had found a Badger set and shot down it looking to see if he could find a friendly badger.

Skipper the Terrier after his amazing rescue (acknowledgments to Bernd Friedel and the Berliner Kurier)
Skipper the Terrier after his amazing rescue (acknowledgments to Bernd Friedel and the Berliner Kurier)

Unfortunately for Skipper he still had his lead attached when he entered into the underground tunnel. After a short while there was no sign of Skipper and his friend understandably started to get worried. A couple of helpful passers-by notified the fire services to see if they could help out. It became clear later that poor Skipper had got himself tangled inside the burrow by his lead and he was unable to get himself free.

Before long the number of Berlin fire-fighters searching for Skipper had increased to 40. Together with their associated emergency equipment they managed to dig a crater 3 metres deep. It was 1:30 in the morning before Skipper was eventually freed – the emergency personnel had been on-site for 8 hours.

If you would like to see the photos of the rescue from the German Press please use the link here.

Although Skipper’s owner was not with the terrier when he went out for his walkies in the forest she recently received a bill from the emergency services for the rescue of the adventurous hound. This amounted to more than 13,000 euros: the cost of technical staff was 71 cents/person/minute or 42 euros/hour ( $52.5/hour), the lifting vehicle (crane) cost 1.4 euro/minute and the emergency equipment vehicle 4.8 euro/minute.

Today (Wednesday 12th November 2014) the Berlin Administrative Court will hear an appeal from Skipper’s owner against the charges from the emergency services. She considers the amount to be very high and on the fateful evening in question she had entrusted a friend to go walkies with Skipper. The owner was not even present.

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