Dog News

In addition to delivering the latest health news the RISKKO site also features some interesting Dog articles (yes this is an ‘inclusive’ site). Below is a list of some of the recent Dog News from around the world.

Chris Duggleby dosn’t just write about dogs but some of his musical offerings actually feature them – like this canine hit:   I’m no Coprophagiac (I just like sniffing poo) –  Why not play the following video for your canine friend while you read the articles below:

if you are looking for a canine birthday present this track is available with Chris’s first album from all good music suppliers, including:


Here are some important recent Dog related articles – to view them just click on any of the headings listed below. If you have any suggestions or comments about the articles please use the comments box below each article.

17th March 2016: Canine Urotechnology Breakthrough – Joggers May Be Able To Run Without Fear Of Dog Molestation

16th Feb 2016; Vegan Food For Dogs

22nd May 2015: Wolves Saving Rabbits, Beavers, Weasels and Otters

8th April 2015: Canine Murder – Razor Sharp Scalpel Blades Discovered in Dog Food

30th March 2015 Canine Hygiene: 45 Dogs Found in Washing Machines Every Day

12th November 2014: Firefighters rescue Terrier – Owner Gets Massive Bill  

2nd March 2014: Canine Intelligence: Wolves Lost Ability to Learn from Peers through Domestication by Humans (or ‘Have People Made Dogs Stupid?’)

24th March 2013: Canine Poisoners – Deadly Slug Bait Found In Meatballs

23rd March 2013: Gay dog saved from being put downdeath sentence fear for ‘abnormal’ dog sex

In addition you might like to see some of the photos of RISKKO’s many international adventures. Here is a selection of his photo blogs:

following links:

RISKKO’s Adventures in Africa (with lots of wild animals)

RISKKO’s Fun with fast cars and pretty girls (especially Pink Lips)

RISKKO’s Holiday in Spain (where he got a Cactus stuck up his bottom!)

RISKKO’s romance with a pretty bird in a park in the North of Germany

Happy reading!


Now prepare yourself for an uplifting experience! 


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