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Here you will find articles about some of the latest medical issues and breakthroughs. If you worry about the next pandemic this site will help you to prepare. You can also read about some of the current developments in the area of nutrition and supplements.

To get a flavour of what subjects Health Risk Knowledge Online (RISKKO for short) deals with why not take a look at some of my recent health risk articles (more are in the Health Risk Blog)? Here are some examples:

28th Feb 2017: Vaccinations Cause Children to Masturbate, as well as Dyslexia, Autism, Sleep Disorders and Brain Tumours

Painful TMD Jaw Pain After the Dentist And Stopping Breathing While Asleep.

How Can I Stop Smelly Farts? – A Trump Solution Using A Banana – Odour Reducing Flatulence Foods.

How do Bacteria Like MRSA Develop and Spread Multiple Antibiotic Resistance?

Depression genes activated by childhood trauma – stay turned-on and passed-on to your children

Risk of Skin Cancer and Cataracts in Vehicles – For You, Your Babies and Children – Car Models Investigated

Allergies and Sensitivity Caused by Skin/Face Soaps and Shower Products – Changed Formulation of Well Known and Trusted Brands of Soap

Laundry Detergents and Additives – The Poisons We Add to the Wash – A Case Study With Photos

Cold Washing Machine Settings Spread Vomit And Diarrhea But Do Clean Bed Bugs

Can I get Cancer from my New Shoes or my New Handbag? My Ear-rings give me a Rash

ZIKA – Which Countries to Avoid? – Where is Risk highest in USA? – Microcephaly link

Multi Vitamins and Antioxidant Supplements Help Cancer Grow and Become Malignant

Stay informed and healthy.

Chris Duggleby

Chris Duggleby started his scientific career studying Bacteriology, Virology and Immunology at the Manchester University Medical School. From there he went on to spend over 35 in the chemicals and oil industries which included setting up a polymers research and development group in Geneva, Switzerland for a major international chemicals company. Following an MBA from Warwick University he went on to lead a number of international manufacturing and marketing operations in the Chemicals, Plastics and Oil industries. His work involved living and working in Europe, Asia, the USA, the Middle East, and Russia. More recently he was invited to take on a senior leadership position in the Audit Department of the BP International Oil Group. Here he used his global change and risk management experience to help the group reshape its management structures and processes following a major environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. He has now retired to focus on writing about risk management and producing music in his studios near London, in the Alps and Cape Town.

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