Tomboy & Lesbian Style, Body Art and Fashion

Hi there!

Welcome to my Tomboy and Lesbian Lifestyle, Body Art and Fashion Blog. 

I’m a Gender Fluid Tomboy and my friends know me as RISKKO. I got the name at school because if anyone teased me about my gender identity there was a RISK I would Knock them Out. With time my tag RISK K.O. was simplified to RISKKO.

Some of the pics in the blog are my own and some are of iconic LGBTQIA artists and models (with their canine/feline friends).  I also have a soft spot for cuddly toys and nifty sports cars.

Tomboy and Lesbian Style, Body Art, and Fashion (with Sports Cars!)

Although I was born in a dress (well almost) I have spent most of my life in jeans and boys’ shirts (my rather flat chest eliminates the necessity to wear a bra). I love wearing boy’s underwear and have a passion for artistic tattoos (and abs!).

Although I prefer sharing intimate moments with girls I have been known to sleep with males – usually of the canine variety (although I have got to know a couple of real bitches!). I have spent a lot of time living next to some fantastic beaches and adore surfing and skateboarding. Interested? The blog link is here.


Tomboy and Lesbian Style, Body Art and Fashion – link to blog is here
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